ReVitalizing A Stronger Butterfly Ecology.

Blooming Butterflies is on a mission to recover
the population of our Endangered Monarch Butterflies.

And we need your help.

The annual population status report for the monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus shows a 27 percent decrease from last year’s population. Populations of this once-common iconic black and orange butterfly have plummeted by approximately 90 percent in just the last two decades.

The Monarch Butterfly migrate over 3,000 miles every year from Central Canada to Central Mexico. They need Milkweed to eat and lay eggs, the only host food plant for monarch caterpillars, as well as nectar plants needed by adults.

The threats to the species are the loss of habitat in the United States–both the lack of availability of milkweed, through land conversion of habitat for agriculture, removal of native plants and the use of pesticides, and loss of habitat in Mexico from illegal logging around the monarchs’ overwintering habitat. The new population numbers underscore the need to continue conservation measures to reverse this trend.

(Source: NWF Blog - New Numbers Show Monarch Butterfly Populations Still in Trouble, David Mizejewski | February 15, 2017 )

:: Services ::

Supporting enhancement programs exploring the ecology and impact of the monarch butterflies; provide support for students through mentoring; and foster awareness activities that involve the community in supporting and sustaining the mission of the Blooming Butterflies Foundation.

:: Education ::

Supplementing enhanced middle and high school education and awareness programs exploring the ecology and impact of the monarch butterflies.

:: Grants ::

Searching for grant worthy projects and services that encourages the renewal of the monarch population and supports migration health.

:: Civic Projects ::

Selecting state, county, metro, and local civic projects supporting sustaining monarch habitation and migration patterns.

:: Resources ::

Supporting research, development, and planning for projects, environmental impact studies, with tools, materials, equipment and manpower.

:: Butterfly Gardens ::

Schemes and plans for Beautiful Butterfly Gardens the size of home backyards to municipal court yards and undefined open spaces.

:: Materials ::

Stretching every dollar available through reusable resources and recycled materials, rebuilt equipment and repurposed facilities.


The Butterfly Foundation for Revitialization - Recovery - & Education for Teachers and Kids
... of all ages.

Michelle Puckett and the Designer Diva board came together in 2005 to form a partnership designed to bolster the civic efforts of local communities and county organizations in creating milk weed beds to support the growth and migration of the North America Monarch Butterfly. This was the genesis for the Blooming Butterflies Education Foundation.

The initial mission of the Foundation included providing mini-grants to public and private organizations to build garden beds filled with milk weed, the supporting source feed for migrating monarch butterflies. Through the efforts of Michelle Puckett, the Foundation developed innovative classroom programs and supporting educational material in an effort to raise awareness of the monarch’s impact on our ecology and its plight for survival against the backdrop of the industrialized nation.

The Foundation embarked on an additional effort in 2012. Incorporating with and in direct partnership with Designer Diva Resale company that year, the strategic plan called for the establishment of an Escape Kit for eleven local battered women shelters in the surrounding areas. By providing select supplies, materials, clothing and bedding to be delivered to survivors of spouse abuse and their children.

Today, the Foundation is a solid, non-profit organization led by a-member board of directors made up of parents, corporate executives, community leaders, and elected officials. This board has increased the programs of the Foundation to serve educators and county’s efforts to revitalize the monarch population.

Foundation Goals

Establish scholarship initiatives to increase awareness of the ecological stresses of the monarch butterfly for middle grade and high school students.

Develop and support the construction of milkweed gardens, observation fields and nature trails for teachers, staff and students, and provide resources to support the continued work.

Create garden centers for the continued seedlings and growth of milkweed and other feed stock for year-round system of supplies for the gardens and fields and to supply the establishments of new gardens and observation fields.

Promote the development and expansion of backyard milkweed gardens in the local communities for both public and private advantageous growth areas. Provide access to resources, materials, books, lab supplies and teaching guides for adjacent middle school and high school projects.

Provide state and local civil legislative support to develop monarch friendly zones devoid of toxic chemicals, materials and help real-estate and land developers establish monarch friendly areas that would improve land use without adversely affecting commercial value.

Call For Papers.

Our myopic vision allows us to dive deep into the ether of butterfly ecology and the impact on human development and the future of our co-existence. We invite you as an esteemed international journalist, educator, writer or publisher to submit your papers and materials for consideration and publishing in our quarterly journal.

Submissions are reviewed by our staff before they are published on the website. It will generally take 24-48 hours for the submissions to appear live, although it can take longer on the weekends or near holidays. We appreciate your patience.

Get Involved - Call for Volunteers!.

We are searching for educators, team members, workers, builders, landscaping artist, team players, lovers of nature, entomologist, closet zoologist, and purveyors of gardening wisdom to help us promote and organize local communities for benefit of the monarch butterflies’ habitat, migration, source food stock, to recover the population of our Endangered Monarch Butterflies.

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